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You may not think too much about your plumbing until you have an issue that demands attention. In some cases, you will search for “plumbers near me” to help correct smaller issues such as a leaky sink. However, other times you may require plumbing services in Minneapolis for bigger problems such as a water heater going out. Read on to find out the top six questions you should be asking any plumber in Minneapolis before you hire them.

Plumber in Minneapolis, MN

Obviously, before hiring any contractor, especially ones that are entering your home, there are several practical things you need to ask and establish before they begin. Here are the top six questions to ask a plumber in Minneapolis:

1) Are you licensed in the State of Minnesota?

This is be number one question to ask, never, ever forget to ask this question. Honestly, in today’s day and age you probably shouldn’t take the plumbers word for it either. Many plumbers operate without a license, but many homeowners assume every plumber needs to have one, so this question is always worth asking. Being a licensed plumber means the plumber is registered with a governing body at the state or local level.

The big problem with a great plumber who isn’t licensed is the fact his work may not pass inspection which means you will be repaying another plumber who is licensed to redo the work…even if the work was done correctly. So the moral of this story is…Always ask.

2) Is this the total cost or are there potential hidden fees?

The majority of Minneapolis professional plumbers offer free estimates to any potential customer — with that said be careful of a plumber who wants to give you an estimate over the phone. Most reputable plumbers will come to check out the job before they start work and give you a price. Once your prospective plumber has had a chance to look over the job and provides you with a quote, ask if that quote includes materials, labor and a contingency for any problems that may arise. Some estimates look great on paper but only include the very basic cost of materials and that quote will dramatically increase as a job goes on.

3) When do you want payment?

It’s important to ask when the plumber expects to be paid, and how much of the total cost the plumber wants upfront. Our advice at Do It Right Plumbing is if the plumber asks for 100 percent of the cost before the job starts, walk away, no questions asked. Some will use a system of “milestones”: Once a certain piece of work is completed, you will be required to pay a certain percentage. Some will use time: After a specified number of weeks, you will pay a certain portion of the total cost. Milestones are often better since payment is only given out upon the completion of certain tasks. Time payments can work, but if the plumber works slowly, you may be paying too much for too little.

4) Who’s doing the work?

Professional plumbing companies in Minneapolis often employ more than just one plumber, and for large projects they may use a team of laborers. Always ask if the plumber giving you the quote is the one who is actually performing the work. If he says no, or is just a salesman, ask who will be completing the job and what level of experience and qualifications they have. If you feel uncomfortable with the answer or if the Minneapolis plumber can’t provide the details you are looking for, you should probably keep looking for a plumber in Minneapolis.

5) Do you clean up your mess?

This seems like it should have an obvious answer, but some plumbing companies don’t clean up when they’re finished, leaving a homeowner with old parts, boxes for new materials and a giant, dirty mess. Always ask if cleanup is included as part of a quote, and if not, ask why. Some companies may charge for cleanup in addition to completing a job, and the cost may be worth it — but never forget to ask.

6) What if something breaks?

Before signing any contract, ask what kind of guarantee or warranty comes with the plumber’s work. Some will promise to come back within a year and fix any problems no questions asked; some will offer service only on certain fixtures in a bathroom or under certain conditions if a leak occurs. Make sure that any kind of guarantee or warranty is in writing, and that the contractor is bonded and insured.

While hiring a Minneapolis plumber can be a daunting task, asking these six simple questions will help make sure you get someone who knows what they’re doing, does good work and won’t leave you with a half-finished project.

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